Midtown - Your apartment in Batumi

Midtown - Your apartment in Batumi

Project Midtown by Gumbati offers apartments in Batumi near the sea. Located just 500 meters from the beach, the 14-story building features units from 53.1 m2 to 144.3 m2. These apartments offer stunning sea and mountain views. It is positioned in the city center, near the central park. The complex stands out with its exceptional services. Managed by a dedicated company, it provides regular cleaning, efficient elevators, and 24/7 supervision. Therefore, the project is distinguished from other residential options in Batumi

Physical Conditions of Apartments

Apartments are available for sale in a Near-Completion Condition, where all major construction tasks have been completed. This includes the installation of an iron entrance door, internal doors and windows, and the construction of internal walls. Electrical wiring will be done using copper cables of "Borsan". It ensures safety, durability, and energy efficiency. Additionally, “Near-Completion Condition” includes the setup of internet, water, and gas systems

MIDTOWN - Physical Conditions of Apartments
MIDTOWN - Physical Conditions of Apartments
MIDTOWN - Physical Conditions of Apartments

Gumbati Design

Cosmetic renovation is the final touch that transforms an apartment into a sweet home. "Gumbati Design" is here to make that transformation happen. Our team is made up of skilled interior designers who bring creativity and expertise to every space.

The success of each "Gumbati Design" project depends on friendly and open communication, the exchange of visions, trends, and news, taking customer wishes into account to the fullest, and building mutual support and trust.

MIDTOWN  - Apartment Design
MIDTOWN  - Apartment Design
MIDTOWN  - Apartment Design

Conditions for the purchase of real estate

Registration is a transparent and simple process, which lasts a total of 30 minutes


Signing an agreement

A citizen of any country with a passport legislation allows you to register real estate for an individual or a legal entity



After receiving the contract of sale, you can transfer the amount to the company's current account. After that, representatives of the company will send you the relevant doc


Registration process

After transferring the amount, you can register the property in your name at the House of Justice. registration in the House of Justice takes 30 minutes. After registration, you become the full owner. It is also possible to purchase real estate remotely on the basis of a power of attorney.

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