03 April 2024

From Plans to Reality: Gumbati Group’s Apartments in Batumi

From Plans to Reality: Gumbati Group’s Apartments in Batumi

Gumbati Group’s apartments in Batumi are not just buildings; they represent the realization of ambitious ideas. Over the past decade, Batumi has blossomed into the crown jewel of Georgia, welcoming millions of tourists annually. 

Along with the growth of the city's popularity, the demand and standards of the customers have also increased, which everyone has managed in their own way.


In this article, we'll explore how the "Gumbati Group" brings its vision to life in Batumi: from planning stages to actual construction.


Gumbati group and Batumi: history of development


For 25 years now, the story of Gumbati Group and Batumi, in the Black Sea region, has been closely intertwined. Our apartments in Batumi have evolved in tandem with the city's 25-year journey of development."

Many may not be aware that Initially, the company only focused on reconstruction and repair works before expanding into building high-rise residential complexes and hotels.

During this transformative period, Batumi metamorphosed into a city that captivated all with its dynamism. The streets, once dull and colorless, now reflect the colors of the Batumi sky, the Black Sea, and the bright sun shining on the building facades. Moreover, In the central areas, you can find old European-style buildings from the 19th century, demonstrating the rich history of the city.


Gumbati Group aimed to play a key role in these transformations and bring its innovative vision to fruition.


Gumbati group and Batumi: Today.

Today, Gumbati Group’s apartments in Batumi combine ongoing and completed projects. This process includes conceptualization, planning, design, construction and finally completion and delivery of the finished structure.


The location of the each new complex are determined by economic challenges. The company's goal is to meet the growing market demand in a specific location.









Planning: From Foundation to Solid Structure

Ensuring that every project aligns with environmental standards and safety regulations is imperative to us. Consequently, behind the architectural blueprint of each of our projects lies a complex maze of logistical and regulatory frameworks. Our apartments in Batumi go through several stages before getting the final look:


  • Stage 1: Comprehensive geological studies – to ascertain structural stability.
  • Stage 2: Rigorous testing – of all samples and building materials to ensure they meet strict quality control criteria.
  • Stage 3: Projecting and construction – in compliance with all internationally recognized safety standards.
  • Stage 4: Designing – Customer concepts are transformed into multifunctional, aesthetically pleasing environments by Gumbati Group’s team of professional designers.
  • Stage 5: Installation of primary systems – to ensure compliance with building and fire safety regulations.







Reality Check: Completed and Ongoing Projects

Amidst the challenging journey, Gumbati Group has already translated numerous projects into reality, including:


  • "Subtropic City": This complex brings to mind the atmosphere of a rocky beach and clear blue sea. It features a 70% solid structure with large glass walls.
  • "Gateway to the Boulevard" on Rustaveli Avenue: This seven-story residential complex seamlessly blends into the street's style, with gothic architectural design.
  • "Gumbati in Alley": This energy-efficient complex sets a new standard, boasting a facade that adapts to the climate.
  • "Gumbati in Gorgiladze": Designed to suit the climate, this complex showcases facades adorned with natural stone, high-quality ceramics, brick, and wood textures.


Among Gumbati Group's ongoing projects, you can find "Portline," “Montemar”, “Gumbati Residence” "Boulevard Point," and "Midtown," which will soon catch your eye with their sophistication and innovation. So, if you planning to buy an apartment in Batumi, be sure to check out our gallery.




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