12 April 2024

Gumbati Group’s Aparthotel Service – 5 Exceptional ways to Set a New Standard in the Real Estate Industry

Gumbati Group’s Aparthotel Service  – 5 Exceptional ways to Set a New Standard in the Real Estate Industry

The real estate sector presents numerous opportunities for residential, commercial, and investment purposes. Throughout this journey, it falls upon the development company to offer exceptional aparthotel service  that not only ensure the comfort of residents but also enhance the property's value.

In this article, we delve into five exceptional services offered by the Gumbati Group, a company that has set a new benchmark in the real estate industry.


Multifunctional environment


Creating a Multifunctional environment stands as one of the primary values and aparthotel service offered by the Gumbati Group, aimed at enhancing the investment potential of its users. Through extensive research and analysis, Gumbati Group projects are strategically located in the most attractive and functionally diverse areas for investment.


A prime illustration of this approach is Boulevard Point, a 15-story business aparthotel situated in New Boulevard, Batumi. Here, one can discover fully equipped workspaces alongside recreational and socializing zones, providing an all-encompassing environment for productivity and relaxation.







Efficient Management


Renting an apartment can often present various challenges. However, Gumbati Group addresses the needs of both apartment owners and renters through an effective management system. This administratively managed aparthotel service  enables owners to seamlessly participate in the rental process.


Upon signing a "Management Agreement" with customers, Gumbati Group provides insurance coverage against potential financial or technical risks. Moreover, all owners are integrated into the electronic management system, granting them access to comprehensive information regarding their apartment's visitors, rental duration, and income at any given time.







Crafting Distinctive Home Identities


Another remarkable aparthotel service  offered by Gumbati Group is the creation of unique character profiles for apartments. A team of designers collaborates closely with clients, exchanging ideas to develop a distinctive, modern, and multifunctional design. Afterwards, The Art-Group diligently transforms these concepts into personalized, inviting homes.


Introduced in 2020, "Gumbati Design" and "Gumbati Art" have infused countless apartments with their distinctive lifestyles, adding a touch of individuality to each space.







Socialization, Entertainment, and Healthy Living


Within our community, we've curated various avenues for socialization to cater to different preferences and purposes:


  • Green, pristine spaces, an expansive open terrace, and a vibrant square offer an inviting atmosphere, perfect for families seeking leisurely moments.
  • For ultimate relaxation, indulge in our spa center and outdoor pools. Notably, "Montemar" apartments boast private pools, setting a new standard in luxurious living.
  • Promoting a healthy lifestyle – "Portline" residences feature a state-of-the-art fitness center, allowing residents to prioritize wellness conveniently within the premises.


Furthermore, almost all our projects house cafes and restaurants renowned for their exceptional service and delectable cuisine, ensuring a delightful dining experience for all.







Safety and Comfort


Ensuring the safety and comfort of our residents remains our company's paramount commitment. Apartment owners benefit from round-the-clock security provisions.


We maintain constant vigilance over common areas, oversee indoor and outdoor lighting, uphold meticulous cleanliness standards, manage elevator operations, and implement video surveillance systems. Our dedicated concierge stands ready to provide technical assistance to residents whenever needed.


Our objective is to foster enduring partnerships with our audience by offering seamless, continuous service. With us, you're not just selecting infrastructure-equipped apartments; you're choosing a lifestyle defined by safety, comfort, and peace of mind.


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