15-storey apart-hotel on a new boulevard 300 meters from the sea. The complex includes: Isolated area, Apartments of different sizes, Underground and above ground parking for 106 places, Infrastructure, Terrace with fitness center and outdoor pool, Spa center, Café, Square, Multifunctional reception The apartments are handed over - in TurnKey condition with furniture and appliance

300 Meter from the sea
Annual Return 12%
Turnkey apartments

Project Infrastructure

The main goal of Gumbati Group is to create a modern infrastructure system and provide hotel-type services that will deliver maximum comfort to both apartment owners and their guests.

პროექტის ინფრასტრუქტურა ბულვარ ფოინთი
პროექტის ინფრასტრუქტურა ბულვარ ფოინთი
პროექტის ინფრასტრუქტურა ბულვარ ფოინთი
პროექტის ინფრასტრუქტურა ბულვარ ფოინთი

Apartment management


Apartment Management

All apartment owners will be involved in an electronic management system, which allows the owner to receive detailed information about visitors and their rental usage period, also rent rate and apartment total income. The management company also supports and maintains the infrastructure of the complex.


Rental system membership

The management company and the owner of the apartment enter into a "management contract", according to which the management company undertakes apartment rental service and fulfills all contract conditions.


Price policy

Cost of apartment management services: The company's rate for apartment management services is 35% of the received income, while the owner's share is 65%.

Forecast for the year

Obased on experience and indicators of past years

Construction stages

90% of the monolithic works have already been completed. At the next stage, the roof and external façade will be established

Conditions for the purchase of real estate

Registration is a transparent and simple process, which lasts a total of 30 minutes


Signing an agreement

A citizen of any country with a passport legislation allows you to register real estate for an individual or a legal entity



After receiving the contract of sale, you can transfer the amount to the company's current account. After that, representatives of the company will send you the relevant doc


Registration process

After transferring the amount, you can register the property in your name at the House of Justice. registration in the House of Justice takes 30 minutes. After registration, you become the full owner. It is also possible to purchase real estate remotely on the basis of a power of attorney.

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